UC Control

Finn-Power UC is the basic control option and an ideal solution when crimping is done according to DIAMETER.

Finn-Power UC control is a modern user interface with icons, a selector and a clear, visual display of all crimping parameters. UC control has an exact and logical navigation. All most commonly used functions are easily accessible. Tool Change Wizard tells when the die set has to be changed and guides the operator during the die change. The stand-by function saves energy. Machine runs only when crimping is started and turns to the power save mode after a set time. Other features are the connectivity via Ethernet and USB ports and expandability. Various different options enable pressure crimping, multi-step crimping and online quality control.

UC1 - pressure Crimping

Finn-Power UC1 option is an ideal solution when crimping is done according to force instead of crimping based on diameter. Pressure control can be used when parts have large tolerances or when sensitive materials need to be crimped. In pressure crimping the dies will stop according to the set pressure. Crimping by diameter can be used as well.

UC2 - Multi-Step Crimping

Finn-Power UC2 is ideal for multi-step crimping, which is done according to crimping diameter or crimping pressure. When part has to be crimped into several different diameters, UC2 option is beyond comparison. Multi-step crimping is done according to crimping diameter or crimping pressure. Crimping diameter or crimping pressure is set individually to each step, as well as the retraction diameter.

UC3 - Online Quality Monitoring

Finn-Power UC3 includes all options for pressure crimping, multi-step crimping and online quality monitoring. Online quality monitoring controls the crimping quality during production. Monitoring function has adjustable limits for the crimping result. If the crimping result is not within set limits, the control stops the machine. The monitoring screen displays the adjusted crimping parameters, limiting values, measurement results and the bars for visualizing the crimping result. UC3 saves the measurement results and crimping parameters automatically to the control memory from which they can be transferred by using USB or Ethernet (FTP protocol).


The Bar Code Reader will speed up retrieval of crimping parameters and recipes. It will also decrease the possibility of human error during and after switching jobs. Easy plug and play set up for all UC Machines.

      UC standard features:

      • Diameter crimping
      • Manual / Automatic mode
      • Die position displayed
      • Energy saving mode
      • Data storage
      • USB-connection
      • Ascending/Descending counters
      • Tool Change Wizard


      • FTP-connection to network
      • Bar Code Reader

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