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Finn-Power can offer the highest quality thanks to the many years of experience in product design, engineering, development and manufacturing. Finn-Power machines meet the requirements of various different industries. Finn-Power crimping machines have literally hundreds of applications in the following industries: hydraulic hose assemblies, tube, pipe, wire, cable, plastic and fiberglass.

We at Lillbacka USA focus on increasing the productivity of our customers. Finn-Power offers reliability and long-lasting machines with operator-friendly functions.

We are standing by to provide you with answers you need to make the right productive decision in your next selection of crimping machinery, hose saws or accessories. To contact us, please call us at 1-847-301-1300 or complete the form.

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About the Company

Finn-Power was originally formed in 1969. Hydraulic hose crimping and cutting machines were the first products manufactured by the company under the trade name Finn-Power. Each year Lillbacka Powerco Oy manufactures thousands of portable, benchtop and production model crimping machines, as well as hose cutting and nut crimping machines. Approximately 95% of Powerco’s production is exported through an international distributor network to more than 60 countries from the company’s factory in Finland.

Finn-Power crimping machines are produced by Lillbacka Powerco with 50 years of manufacturing experience of crimping machines. Finn-Power products have been developed to meet the requirements in a variety of different industries. They are used globally in such industries as hydraulic hoses, automotive components, construction equipment, heavy machinery, railroad, marine, electric power transmission, industrial hoses and tube, pipe, wire and cable industry, etc. Generally where ever metals, plastics, rubber, fiberglass, wood and ropes are joined or formed Finn-Power products are being used.

Finn-Power products offer the highest and most dependable quality thanks to the many years of experience in product design, engineering, development and manufacturing. Products are designed and produced with an eye on customer’s productivity. The operator friendly functions make them easy to use while providing reliability and long-life. The outstanding driving force behind the success of Finn-Power products lies in the many professional and skilled personnel with a go-ahead attitude, driven by a strong willingness to be of service to our global customers who have standardized on the Finn-Power products.

Finn-Power crimping machines are manufactured using the state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technology. The precision manufactured parts together with our engineering and assembly expertise, combined with our quality control and final testing procedures, result as reliable and accurate crimping machines for your production needs. We make the quality for you!