Finn-Power EF300 expansion machine is a perfect solution for expanding different sized and shaped tubes and pipes. Die sets for this machine are specifically designed for different applications based on customer needs.

Control Models
ICC No other models available
Standard Features Options
Auto greasing G3
Pressure expansion ICC1
Step expansion ICC2
Foot pedal
Quality control ICC3
Graphical quality control ICC4
Interface pack ETH (Communication TCP/IP & UDP)
A3 signal
Bar Code Reader BCR
Oil cooler **
Oil Condition Monitoring OCM
Industry 4.0
Safety Scanner

** Will have impact on motor size,
hydraulic unit dimensions and weight.
Technical Data
Tube capasity, round (mm) 300
Tube capasity, square (mm) 300x300
Min. tube size (mm) 200
Expanding length (mm) 200
Max. wall thickness, basic steel (mm) 30
Max. expanding die movement (mm) 15
Expansion force (kN) 22000
Cycle time 10 mm (s) ¹ 12.4
Motor Power (kW/HP) 15.0 ² /20.1
Machine (mm) 1198x1877x1803
Hydraulic Unit (mm) 1197x957x1252
Machine (inch) 47.2x73.9x70.9
Hydraulic Unit (inch) 47.1x37.7x49.3
Machine 3500/7700
Hydraulic Unit 350/770

1) Theoretical with 10mm cycle.
2) 3-phase.