TB-ECO 1300 & 2000

TB-ECO 1300 & 2000

TB-ECO is an air-driven, manually operated workshop test bench with water as the test medium.

TB-ECO brings world class safety to the workshop test bench category with stainless steel testroom, 12 mm safety glass and Quick stop.

EasyLogging creates instant test certificate after each test.

Control Models
No other models available
Standard Features Options
Air-driven pump with start/stop
Test fluid inlet valve and Y-strainer
Quick stop (opens bleed valve and stops the pump)
Pressure regulator
Air and high pressure gauge
Bleed valve
Isolate valve
EasyLogging Instant Reporting*
Laptop holder
Test adapter: 1 1/8”-12UNF-HP (M) to 1/2” BSP (F)
Test adapter: 1/2” BSP (F) to 3/4”-16UNF-HP (F)
with de-air function (End plug. Max 1000 bar)
Test adapter: 1 1/8”-12UNF-HP (F) to 3/4”-16UNF-HP (F)
with de-air function (End plug. Max 2000 bar)

* Including pressure sensor 0 – 1 500 bar with accuracy of +/- 0,25% for full scale with calibration certificate. EasyLogging includes one year free software licence fee.
Water filter (TB054.001)
Extra gauge 0 – 250 bar (TB033.009)
QuickConnect ‘Exchange’ QCE 1000 (TB122.001)
QuickConnect ‘Exchange’ QCE 2000 (TB123.001)
Manifold set for 4 hoses, QCM 4x1/2” BSP (F) (TB148.001)
Eco reservoir (TB052.101)
Other language than standard (TB104.002)