TB-PRO 2000 & 4000

TB-PRO 2000 & 4000

TB-PRO is a unique Electric drive, fully automated, heavy-duty production/OEM testbench with the innovative E-drive technology for fast and economical test operations. Including test management software and bar code reader. The large test room makes it possible to load full pallets.

Test bench comes with a 15-inch touch screen control, enabling test job management and a fully automated test cycle including prefilling, pressure build-up, holding, testing, Softbleed, fast release and emptying the test object. TB-PRO has 2 test curves: ISO 1402 and a burst test.

TB-PRO brings world class safety to production test bench category with stainless steel testroom, double walls, 12mm safety glass and 2 Quick stops. Including extra test pressure sensor for max 400 bar. Test room has electrically operated doors and adjustable turntable return test connection.

EasyLogging creates instant test certificate after each test.

Control Models
Fully Automatic
Electrical driven
No other models available
Standard Features Options
Electrical driven Intensifier
Test fluid inlet valve and inlet filter
Quick stop (opens bleed valve and stops the pump)
Pressure regulator
High pressure sensor
Bleed valve
Isolate valve
SoftBleed (de-energizer)
Return testline with moveable
and turnable right test connection
Test medium inlet pressure sensor
Pressure itensifier
Main electrical switch
Extra test pressure sensor 400 bar
EasyLogging Instant Reporting*
Internal computer
Test adapter: 2 pcs. 1 1/8”-12UNF-HP (M) to 1/2” BSP (F) (TB361.000.133)
QuickConnect ‘Exchange’ QCE 1000 (TB122.001)
QuickConnect ‘Exchange’ QCE 2000 (TB123.001)
Manifold set for 4 hoses, QCM 4x1/2” BSP (F) (TB148.001)
Other manual language than standard (TB104.002)

* Note, BSP thread pressure rating is max 1000 bar.