TB-STD 1300 & 2300

TB-STD 1300 & 2300

TB-STD is an air-driven, manually operated production test bench with water as the test medium. TB-STD brings world class safety to workshop test bench category with stainless steel testroom, double walls, 12 mm safety glass and Quick stop.

TB-STD offers a large test room with an adjustable turntable return test connection.

EasyLogging creates instant test certificate after each test.

Control Models
No other models available
Standard Features Options
Air-driven pump with start/stop
Test fluid inlet valve and inlet filter
Quick stop (opens bleed valve and stops the pump)
Pressure regulator
Air and high pressure gauge
Bleed valve
Isolate valve
SoftBleed (de-energizer)
Adjustable turntable return test connection
EasyLogging Instant Reporting*
Laptop holder
Test adapter: 2 pcs. 1 1/8”-12UNF-HP (M) to 1/2” BSP (F) (TB361.000.133)

* Including pressure sensor 0 – 1 500 bar with accuracy of +/- 0,25% for full scale with calibration certificate. EasyLogging includes one year free software licence fee.
Extra gauge 0 – 250 bar (TB033.009)
QuickConnect ‘Exchange’ QCE 1000 (TB122.001)
QuickConnect ‘Exchange’ QCE 2000 (TB123.001)
Manifold set for 4 hoses, QCM 4x1/2” BSP (F) (TB148.001)
Fast filling (TB141.002)
Other language than standard (TB104.002)

* Note, BSP thread pressure rating is max 1000 bar.